There are many interesting ways for you to store your shoes and avoid that annoying clutter in your hallway. For some, design and versatility does not matter when it comes to this issue. For others on the other hand, having an unobtrusive way of dealing with cluttered shoes accompanied by a clever design is important. That’s exactly what ZJUP brings to you, a simple, minimalist shoe rack which takes up almost no space at all.

Loca Knax Zjup shoe storage

LoCa, a Danish furniture company, designed a shoe rack with a different take on dealing with a cluttered hallway. ZJUP is a part of their Knax series of products and is a functional, wall-mounted shoe rack that comes with the advantage of saving space in your home. Zjup consists of a base made from black thermoplastic elastomer and an aluminum clamp affixed to it.

Loca Knax Zjup shoe storage

The synthetic material used to make it allows for easy maintenance so slush, snow and mud can be easily wiped clean. After mounting the Knax ZJUP on your wall, simply lift the clamp and insert your shoes. Its dimensions are 13 cm x 26 cm x 2 cm, which allows for all shoe sizes to fit; from your kids’ shoes to your boots. The Knax ZJUP gives a practical way of storing shoes while eliminating the need for large shoe cupboards and shelves.

Loca Knax Zjup shoe storage

Whether you use one or more of these, the Knax ZJUP will provide you with an easy way of storing your shoes, while removing clutter and nicely fitting in the surroundings of your home. [viawatch video below

Instruction video: 

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