Unlike many fitness crazes which come and go, rowing is here to stay. For many reasons…. Rowing could be the most effective exercise ever because you use almost every part of the body while, at the same time, rapidly developing your core strength. Apart from engaging your full body when rowing, you also keep your heart rate elevated which is essential for burning those stubborn calories. Rowing is much more than just pumping muscles in your arms and legs. We have written extensively about the benefits of rowing and rowing machines, but we have never featured a rowing application, like Live Rowing App, until now.

This indoor rowing application is not only made for professional / seasoned rowers (like athletes and competitors), but also to anyone willing to challenge themselves physically while tracking their performance. With the Live Rowing App you can train harder, smarter and more efficiently and you can visually see your improvement. How does it work?

how the live rowing app works

This is an iOS application that comes with a performance monitor which hooks up with the Concept 2 rowing machines. The application simulates challenges like boat-to-boat race, and it measures time, distance covered and calories burned. To use the app, you will need the Connect2 Rower monitor to mount to the rowing machine and then hook up the LiveRowing Connect with Apple Lightning cable to your phone. The Connect2 Rower monitor picks up data and relays it back to the application.

If you have a strong competitive streak in you, with the Live Rowing App you will be able to race against yourself, as well as against any rower, anywhere, anytime. watch video below

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