LIV | The Rebel Limited Edition Watch Collection


Many people say that going outside the lines when it comes to purchasing a watch, is a mistake. Well, considering that this project has made more than $1.23M from their original $30,000 goal, we can assure you that being a rebel is the way to go. The LIV Rebel Watch Collection is about stepping outside the box, and then realizing that there is no box.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Smart, classy, modern, and unlike any other watches out there, the Rebel Collection offers one-of-a-kind limited edition watches that you won’t find anywhere else.

Black LIV Rebel Day-Date Chronograph

The Rebel Day-Date Chronograph features a 3 eye dial with a day indicator.

All of the Rebel watches will be marked with a certain digit, and that number will never be replicated. This truly makes it an original, and a limited edition. In the collection, they feature four different watch types. These are the Rebel AC (Automatic Swiss Chronograph), Rebel A (Swiss Automatic Chronograph), Rebel DDC (Day-Date Swiss Chronograph), and the Rebel GMT (Swiss GMT 24H/Dual Time). Each of these watches comes in their own style, and they each have their own features. Check out the video below.

Close up of a blue LIV Rebel Watch Dial

Each dial was meticulously crafted to be 3-dimensional, multi-layered, and comes with BGW9 luminescence on the hands.

However, each of the watches share these common traits that truly make them exceptional. They are water resistant up to 100 meters, meaning that you can swim and dive with them. In addition, the case back has been screwed down with four screws. The front and back viewing panes are made from genuine Sapphire that has been coated with scratch resistance and an anti-reflective coating. The dial is also 3-dimensional, multi-layered, and features BGW9 Luminescence. The material is 316L stainless steel that comes with either a black or gray IP coating.

LIV Rebel Automatic model crystal case back

The Liv Rebel Automatic model comes with a Sapphire crystal case back so that you can view the superb Swiss movement.

Of course, these watches are available in different colorations, and come at different prices. However, with 7 days left in the campaign, you need to jump now to grab an Early Bird Special. They also come with a 5-year international warranty!

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

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