Litelok | A Light And Flexible Bike Lock


Litelok is a bike lock that’s a bit different that those we usually see. First of all, with 2.4 lbs it’s lighter than most bike locks you can get on the market. Equally important is its strength. Litelok can withstand over 5 minutes of attack with common theft tools.

Unlike steel locks, Litelok uses composite synthetic fibers that are flexible, allowing you to secure the bike to different objects. As for the security, this lock received the highest security rating for lock quality standards. Whether you use cable cutters, bolt croppers, and hacksaws, it’s hard to cut or break it.

Green Litelok On The Floor

Litelok is very secure, flexible and lightweight.

Locking your bike will be very quick. All you need to do is simply click it, and use the key for unlocking. Just like the fibers, the lock is very secure. With Litelok, you’ll get two wrap strap bike accessories, so you can easily secure it to your bicycle frame.

Bike Locked With Litelok

With it, you’ll lock your bike quickly.

One more cool thing is that you can use two locks that work from the same unique key. One is 29 inches long and the best thing, you can join them together for extra length. You can get Litelok in three colors-herringbone, boa green, and crow black.

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