So far there has been no middle ground in wallet design. Bulky traditional wallets have had lots of functionality and style, but they have taken too much space and have been considered a necessary nuisance of your daily life. Recently, we have witnessed several minimalistic wallet designs that make carrying them around much easier but – they lack the practicality of their traditional counterparts. Well, the Liquid Wallet has managed to take the best of both worlds and add a little bit of extra perks.

The Liquid Wallet actually managed to reduce thickness, keep the same functionality and additionally protect you from identity theft and even hold your keys. Yes, no kidding, all that in one small, easily portable package. Credit cards and cash are held in place using an elastic strap. Ok, this is not very new. But, your keys are held inside the walled by being screwed down. You can choose how firmly you wish them to be screwed, thus choosing the amount of force you need to employ to pivot them when you need to use them.

Liquid wallet thickness

We have mentioned the small package so here are the dimensions. The Liquid Wallet has the length of 94mm, width of 59.5mm and the height of 14mm. It is smaller than any traditional wallet that can hold all the things that the Liquid Wallet holds. Without the keys its weight is just 92g.

Further on, the Liquid Wallet is very durable. It is made of hard anodized aluminum which is scratch resistant and it comes in two colors – Black and Military Green. If you need more than two keys you can use a Keyring Attachment which can also hold USB drives. However, it does not make the wallet more bulky because, when not in use, you can simply flip it and hide it inside the wallet.

The anodized aluminum casing protects your credit cards from various devices able of RFID scanning, thus preventing credit card frauds. watch video below

Liquid wallet

Liquid wallet

Liquid wallet compared to a regular wallet

Liquid wallet design

Liquid wallet key holder

Liquid wallet parts

Liquid wallet credit card holder

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