If you’re looking to get more out of video effects and colors and at the same time reduce TV- or computer-related eye strain for both your loved ones and yourself, then you should definitely check out Lightpack, an ambient display backlight.

Lighpack is the latest open-source ambient backlight which enhances the viewer’s visual experience while at the same time protecting their eyesight from harmful excessive strain. Compatible with TV, PC, Mac and HTPC displays, Lightpack features ten LED sets which are easily mounted on the back of any screen of up to 50 inches in size. The patented Prismatik software analyzes the pictures on the screen, then sends this information to the Lightpack box and in turn, the device illuminates the surface behind the display with matching multicolor lights. This helps create the impression of the image extending beyond the screen, which offers a much better visual experience for the viewer and at the same time helps their eyes adjust more easily to constantly changing color levels, which is especially handy when watching media in the dark.

Display backlight LED

On top of that, Lightpack can also optimize the intensity of light in the room by adjusting or eliminating the lighting differences between dark and bright scenes. Upon installation, the LED lights can be controlled from your smartphone or computer. Apart from its ambient backlight features, Lightpack can also be customized to display colorful alerts for various Web or hardware notifications or serve as background mood light. So, if daily you spend long hours at your computer or in front of the TV, Lightpack is just the right gadget which will maximize the visual effects on your screen and also reduce eye strain. Try it out – you’ll find Lighpack may well be one of your best hi-tech investments this year. watch video below

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Lightpack display backlight

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Lightpack display backlight

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