When you’re riding your motorbike at night, the main thing to bear in mind is safety. Still, it’s not easy to stay clearly visible at all times when riding through shady city streets and lamp-less backcountry lanes, especially if you’re not exactly in the mood to carry around a neon sign that says “Please, don’t run over me, I like myself alive”. But don’t worry – there’s no need for you to go around wearing a set of Christmas LEDs when riding at night so as to make sure your biking tour is not interrupted by a weak-eyed truck driver dropping off at the wheel. LightMode Motorcycle Helmets offer a stylish and efficient way to stay visible on the road – and they’re quite a head-turner too.

Designed to impress as well as protect, each LightMode electroluminescent modification kit wraps your helmet in 360-degree glow-in-the-dark components that easily attach to your existing motorcycle lid with the help of super strong glue and a chemical adhesive accelerator. Once you’ve equipped your helmet with this original light array, you can set your LightMode kit to one of the three modesblink, constant glow or off – via the included controller powered by two AA batteries. After you’ve adjusted your favorite LightMode modification to the mode of your preference and are all set to ride out for another after-sundown motorcycling session, you can stow away the small controller in the space between the helmet shell and padding or attach it to a curved adhesive mount on the right side of the lid to keep it close at hand yet out of your way.

Lightmode motorcycle helmet

Thanks to the super-strong adhesives, LightMode permanent modification will stay safely attached to your helmet in the face of stormy winds, snow blizzards and relentless rain so you need not fret about frequent replacements. Also, for maximum aesthetic flexibility, LightMode comes in several different colors, including white, green, aqua, red and blue and the producer offers two separate DIY kits for would-be nightglow bikers.

Kit A ($69) packs:

  • 3 meters of EL wire,
  • 50 cm of EL tape,
  • Controller with three modes,
  • Special adhesives,
  • Curved mount,
  • 3 meters of design string,
  • Downloadable instructional video.Kit B ($72) includes:
  • 4.5 meters of EL wire,
  • Controller with three mode selections,
  • Special adhesives,
  • Curved mount,
  • 4.5 meters of design string,
  • Downloadable instructional video.

And if you’re not all that DIY-confident or don’t have the time to play around with a set of tapes, wires and glue, you can also order your pre-fixed HJC FG-17 LightMode helmet in either black, matte black, silver or white. The helmets are available in several different sizes (XS – 3XL) for an optimum individual fit to guarantee maximum rider comfort and safety.

Electroluminescent motorcycle helmet

With LightMode helmets, you will both look great and be safe on your night rides. Order your LightMode kit or helmet today and flash your style around the block – because with this original light modification, aesthetics is safety. Be the light in the darkness; put on a LightMode.

And if you like to play it safe and still look cool, check out another piece of trendy motorcycle protection gear featured on our website – Skully AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet sports visual GPS system, rearview mirror, audio player, Bluetooth connectivity, voice-activated controls and Synapset’s Heads-Up Display to add a whole new dimension to your ride and give you the best cycling session of your life with utmost safety and comfort. watch the video below

Electroluminescent motorcycle helmet

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