Life Within Four Walls. How Not to Waste Time

We all know the difficulty of maintaining a social life. Yet, with the addition of pandemic (COVID-19), things have become all the more challenging. It was difficult enough not knowing how to meet and date people, whether online or offline, successfully, and COVID has made things look all gloomier. When social distancing is a trending word of the year, how does one reduce the distance and maintain a love life within the confines of four walls?

Online dating has long been a topic of discussion and convenience. Still, with pandemic on the rise, more people have begun to turn their heads towards online communication. If you haven’t tried to search for a mate online, now’s your chance; take this as a sign and delve right into it.

Don’t know where to begin? This list of the best free dating sites in UK in Canada gives an overview and recommendations on how to continue to meet and communicate with people and find potential partners during a lockdown.

How to Continue Dating During a Pandemic and Self-Isolation

There are several ways of coping with loneliness during a pandemic while socially isolating yourself. As mentioned earlier, going to the Internet in search of a romantic partner is an excellent alternative, but you need to get creative; just chatting isn’t going to work. Here are some ways you can add spice to your online dating life;

Watching movies

With online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, you have a wide variety of movies you can binge-watch, amongst others. Watching movies is a great option when you have less time and want to spend time with your significant other. Put the film on simultaneously and share your thoughts on Zoom during the movie or right after it ends.

Watching TV series

Just as streaming movies is an option, so are watching series online using the same services. The difference between movies and shows will come down to two. With shows, you’ll always know where to continue and what to watch next. Secondly, you can spend more time together by binge-watching a few episodes if you’ve got the time.

Playing games

If your partner is geeky and loves playing all kinds of games – card, video, or board, then a cooperative gaming session is a great date idea. With gaming, you can keep winning and losing bets and help each other overcome challenges. This can add more fun elements to the game and strengthen your relationship and understanding of each other while being light-hearted fun.

Cooking together

Suppose you’re both foodies and have a knack for cooking. Then prepare to host an online video cooking session. You and your partner can get on a video call and prepare dinner, lunch, or whatever suits your timings. After cooking your food, you can have a mini Skype date – put some candles near the screen and have a romantic meal together. Another alternative to cooking is wine tasting, a great way of getting tipsy and frank.

Advantages of Online Dating

Online dating the new norm, and it’s here to stay, not because of the pandemic but also because of how convenient it is. To know more about the benefits of online dating, continue reading.

Low cost

Online dating doesn’t require much monetary investment as dating in-person does. Going out requires you to spend cash on everything from bus fare or fuel to dining out and fancy gifts.

Less Awkward

Dating in-person is a struggle with the awkwardness that accompanies it. Online dating eliminates that factor; you get ample time to get to know each other before things can progress. This way, not only is offline transition smoother, but the first-date awkwardness isn’t present either. Your social circle will expand as you’ll have more options and matches; some of them could become your friends instead of romantic interests. Another thing is that you can filter matches beforehand without making It awkward later.

More time

You save a lot of time! Online dating is available 24/7 and doesn’t require special prior arrangements before making plans to spend time together. Manage your time to prioritize other tasks and maintain a healthy love and life balance. Whereas with offline dating, you’re required to make plans a few days in advance, and a last-minute change is hard and sometimes offensive.

Privacy and confidentiality

If you’re someone who values “me time” and doesn’t want to open up too fast too soon, online dating is a safe haven. If your partner is on the Net, privacy is guaranteed. You don’t have to worry about sharing everything with your mate as you’d be pressured to when meeting in-person.


Online dating is a much safer option compared to dating in-person. Nobody knows of the other person’s intentions; hence online dating provides that safe distance and more time to get to know someone before meeting in person.

Why Is It Important to Adapt to the New Realities of Dating?

Although positivity should be the critical factor in overcoming loneliness during these times, nobody knows how long the pandemic will stay. This is why it has become necessary to make changes and adapt to the happenings that are taking place. One date in a day was seen as a big deal, but now with online dating, having even four potential partners to converse simultaneously seems like an easy task.

Trends are meant to evolve, and it’s up to us to keep up with them to not fall behind. And with these evolutions, it’s essential to maintain yourself and practice good habits for ensuring privacy, safety and happiness.

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