A Life In Parts | A Memoir By Bryan Cranston


We are all familiar with his name; however, we are even more familiar with his screen name, Walter White, from one of the best series’ ever created, “Breaking Bad”. A Life in Parts is the enigmatic life story of Bryan Cranston.

A Life in Parts follows the zigzag life of Bryan Cranston. From childhood actor, to a career in law enforcement, and thankfully, acting again.

It certainly has not been an easy road. Now, with an almost cult-like status, you can personally see the life that Bryan has lived.

This book follows the extremely complicated and poignant life of Cranston. From landing his first role at the age of seven. How he then went on to stalk the local theater, reenacting his favorite scenes with his older brother, until his father disappeared.

Sometime later, while in his law enforcement career, he stumbled across a copy of Hedda Gabler, and was struck with an epiphany. He knew that acting was what he should actually be doing and he returned to fulfill that destiny.

From playing a dentist, an astronaut, and even the President of the United States, Cranston fulfilled his roles and his dreams. Finally, he became Walter White, which was one of the most intense roles ever captured on screen.

A Life in Parts is told with honesty and humility and should serve as an inspiration to anyone and everyone.

If you enjoy Bryan Cranston’s roles as much as we do, then this book is a definite read.

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