Libratone ZIPP | A WIFI And Bluetooth Multi-Room Wireless Speaker


Nobody can contest that great sound is a must and we all know how frustrating it is to be listening to some great tune and then having to leave the room with the sound dwindling away. Luckily for us, the Libratone ZIPP gives us something unique and extraordinary when it comes to spectacular sound and to your personal style.

The Libratone ZIPP features a unique 360-degree full room experience and the 100-watt speaker offers excellent sound in the form of deep bass, crystalline trebles and sublime mid-ranges. The bass is produced by a 4” woofer while the trebles are produced by two 1” tweeters and the mids are produced by two 4” low-frequency radiators.

Libratone ZIPP being carried

Apart from spectacular sound, the Libratone ZIPP has fully customizable covers that let you interchange them to fit your mood and decor.

The ZIPP is also unique in the fact that it can simultaneously pair up to 6 ZIPPS in different rooms so that your entire house or even outdoors becomes a massive sound system. The ZIPP also streams all apps natively which allows you to play both audio and video directly from your mobile device without any third-party application and the Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity allows support for Spotify Connect, AirPlay for iOS and DLNA for Android. Check out the video below.

Libratone ZIPP hanging on a door and standing on a side table

The Libratone ZIPP offers a full 360-degree room sound experience and with the ability to simultaneously pair up to 6 units means that you can turn your entire house into a sound system.

The ZIPP also offers a rechargeable battery that features a truly impressive 10 hours playtime at 100 watts. It also comes with a convenient carry-handle, a speakerphone system, as well as an intuitive touch-control interface. The Libratone ZIPP measures 10.3” in height, 4.8” in diameter and 15.1” in circumference and weighs 3.3lbs. You can purchase the ZIPP in White, Green, Black or Red and even interchange the colors as you please.

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