Lezyne Micro HP Floor Pump | Compact and Super Light Bike Pump


We all know that keeping your tires in good condition is the key for having a good ride. For all bike lovers out there who want to take care of their bike, having a good pump is essential.

Leyne developed a pump that is super-efficient and small, just like a hand pump. Micro HP Floor Pump is not just compact, but quite powerful.

It’s designed for high pressure, and it reaches 160 psi. It has a long hose, so it gets more convenient to use it. The HP model uses a rubber hose to reduce weight to just 150 grams. The barrel is really slim and it’s made from custom machined aluminum. There is a stainless steel foot peg, so you can keep it stable while pumping.

Stainless Steel Parts Of Lezyne Micro HP Floor Pump

Its parts are made of stainless steel and custom machined aluminum.

Lezyne Micro HP Floor Pump Adapter With Presta And Shrader Valves

You can use it on different tire models, both for Presta and Shrader valves. Just switch the side of the adapter.

Micro Floor Drive is equipped with The Air Bleed System (ABS) that has Flip-Thread Chuck. Using this pump is really quick and easy. You unscrew the air chuck and release the hose. If you want to release the air from the hose, activate the ABS system. The adapter has Presta at one end and Shrader the other, so it can fit different types of tires. With this pump, you won’t get any fuss when keeping your tires in good condition.

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Check out this video to see how Micro HP Floor Pump works.

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