With Leveraxe, you don’t have to be built like a lumberjack to split logs. It does the work for you. Its clever engineering and design give it 35 times the hitting force of a traditional axe. The brainchild of Finnish pensioner Heikki Kärnä, Leveraxe is a product conceived out of necessity and needs related to living in wild and inaccessible areas. The Leveraxe provides a safer, easier and faster way of splitting wood.

Leveraxe wood splitting axe

With Leveraxe wood splitting is easy

Using the Leveraxe is completely different to the use of traditional axes. This is because its splitting power is based on a lever mechanism and axe head rotation. This is achieved by attaching it (the axe head) on the side of the handle  which provides an offset center of gravity. The result is that the direction of every strike is pointed not at the center of the log, but slightly outward. After penetration, the kinetic energy of the offset 1.9 kg axe head that acts as a lever is directed to split the wood into neat pieces, ready for use. This increases speed and safety and reduces the amount of strength needed . It’s so safe that even children and women can easily use it. The clever design of the axe head let’s you split logs with Leveraxe in one strike, and minimizes the possibility of the axe getting stuck in the wood.

Leveraxe wood splitting axe

The innovative design of Leveraxe ensures faster and safer wood splitting

The Leveraxe is made from the finest materials. The axe head is made from tempered steel and has a 10 year guarantee and comes with a high quality leather, protective sheath. The 90 cm handle is made from Finnish birch which reduces the shock of the axe strike, and wax treated to ease rotation. The axe head is painted red, and the handle black and yellow, making the Leveraxe easily visible even in dense undergrowth. There are two models, Leveraxe 1 and Leveraxe 2, which vary slightly in design and weight.

The Leveraxe provides a safer, easier and faster way of splitting wood.

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Leveraxe wood splitting axe

Different types of Leveraxe

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