Les Angles Sculptural Seating


Chairs, tables, sofas and other types furniture should, in general, be practical and useful, but it’s a lot cooler when you can have a little bit fun with it as well. Les Angles Sculptural Seating is a piece of practical furniture that can be used as structuring elements for home, office or any kind of interior.

Stephanie Marin, the founder of the French design house “smarin“, is the person that created this geometrical and intriguing furniture construction. Les Angles is comprised of many parts that can easily be moved and combined with each other in order to form whatever form and look you desire.

Grey furniture set all over the room.

These Les Angles Sculptural cushions are made by Stephanie Marin from “smarin” design house.

Two blue chairs made of Les Angles furniture.

The pieces can be assembled however you want and they can easily be reassembled.

The cushions are completely made of wool, so they’re actually pretty good when it comes to soundproofing and insulation. You can easily set them on the wall or ceiling as decoration or for insulation purposes. The entire construction was inspired by the Penrose tiling system. The pieces are designed in a way that they can easily be assembled in many different ways. You can create all sorts of shapes and if you change your mind or simply get bored with one design, you can easily disassemble the pieces and create a brand new composition.

Woman sitting on the Les Angles furniture.

These cushions are made of wool and they can also be used for soundproofing and insulation.

Grey cushions located on ceiling and floor.

They can easily be installed on walls and ceilings.

Les Angles is also a very good solution for neat and tidy people. Since they’re easily movable, you won’t have any problems getting them out of your way while vacuuming and cleaning. These geometrically shaped cushions are best suited for modernly designed apartments or houses.

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Blue furniture assembled.

Les Angles furniture was inspired by the Penrose tiling system.

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