Lemnos Men’s Cucu Cuckoo Clock


Back in the day, every household had one. They are also probably one of the things you vividly remember when visiting your grandparents. And believe it or not, thanks to the Japanese company Lemnos Clocks and young designer Yuichi Nara, they are making a comeback. We are talking about the modern version of cuckoo clocks and the one produced by Lemnos – aptly called CUCU – is unique and very precise. After all, Lemnos make clocks for one of the world’s finest – Seiko.

Lemnos’ CUCU Clock is crafted in a solid wood case that resembles a bird house. Although, the cuckoo function is optional, it does add a nice touch of quirkiness to it. The clock tells time with a cuckoo sound and a lovely murmur of a brook.

Lemnos Cucu clock with the cuckoo out

The Cuckoo adds a unique and nostalgic twist to your home or office. You can also set the volume of the Cuckoo to suit your needs.

The CUCU Clock can be used as a wall or a table clock and comes in two neutral colors – Brown (with Japanese Ash Wood grain) and Natural that has a pronounced texture of the wood grain. If the cuckoo becomes a bit too loud for you, you can adjust the sound with the two-step volume control. The clock also has a light sensor.

Backview of Lemnos Cucu clock

Installation is extremely simple since it has been designed with an attachment that allows you to hang it anywhere.

The CUCU is 186mm wide, 258mm high and 96mm deep (7.32 x 10.15 x 3.78 inches) and it weighs 1.63kg (3.6 pounds). The clock is the perfect gift for the fans of yesteryears and those who love anything nostalgic. Its quality and craftsmanship are assured because Lemnos is one of the most prestigious and well-known brands in the world today.

Get it from Amazon here (Brown) and here (Natural).

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