Lekue Kabob Maker


You don’t really make kabobs often, do you? That’s probably because you have to grill them, and everyone likes to avoid making a mess. Lekue developed a Kabob Maker for microwave use that’s really simple to use.

First of all, figure out what you want to put in your kabobs. You can use any kind of meat, fish or vegetable. You’ll get 40 wooden skewers with the Kabob Maker. The container can fit 8 skewers, four at the bottom and four above them. Pour a bit of water in the container, because kabobs are cooked using steam. This way, your food will be both healthy and delicious. You can add different condiments and a bit of oil on the food, to make it taste even better.

Making Vegetable Kabobs

Make your kabobs and place them in the container.

Putting Lekue Kabob Maker in the microwave and serving it on the table

Put it in the microwave and they’ll get cooked on the steam. The handle will stay cold.

After you’ve prepared all, just put it in the microwave and let it cook. Pretty simple, right? The steam will cook all of them evenly, and the food will retain all the nutrients. The handles are made not to get warm, so you can just take it out of the microwave with your bare hands. Kabob Maker has a very elegant design, and you can serve your kabobs directly from it.

Lekue Kabob Maker on the table with served food

With Lekue Kabob Maker your food will be healthy and delicious.

Lekue Kabob Maker comes with a recipe booklet, so you can learn how to make many original recipes that are really simple to make.

Get it from Amazon here.

Check out this video and see the process of making delicious kabobs:

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