Leica X Edition Moncler is another camera coming from this famous company and it is really unique. Namely, the producers wanted to make it remarkable, so they designed it in collaboration with renowned French apparel manufacturer Moncler. This is not the first time they entrusted someone else with the task of designing the looks of their cameras. Remember the Leica C? The main reason for making this camera so special is to celebrate 100 years of founding the company. That was the case with the Leica T model, as well, but unlike it, the X Edition is limited to only 1.500 pieces worldwide.

Some would think that Leica X Edition Moncler is all about the looks, because it has the same innards as the original Leica X, but they would not be right. As you probably already know, it features ASP-C format CMOS sensor with 16.5MP, paired with their amazing lens Leica Summilux 23mm f1.7 ASPH, built-in flash, great video recording in 1080p, 30s to 1/2000s shutter speed range, SDHC, SDXC and SD card storage, outstanding Autofocus system which is contrast-based, a 3-inch TFT LCD display and a 1.600 mAh battery lets you capture more than 300 pictures without recharging. However, the most important characteristic of this model is its lightweight body. It is made of magnesium and aluminum combined with premium leather trims in 3 colors-red, white and blue, which make it look very nice and sophisticated, while being very light. The colors represent the French flag, of course, because of the Moncler’s involvement in creating the camera.

Even though Leica X Edition Moncler guarantees exceptionally brilliant pictures, buying it is probably not worth it, unless you are a passionate collector, because the price is about $2,950 and it can be justified only by the “limited edition” label, which is not enough for a regular buyer.

Leica X Edition Moncler lens

Leica X Edition Moncler buttons

Leica X Edition Moncler display screen

Leica X Edition Moncler

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