Leica has produced the amazing Leica T digital camera to celebrate 100 years of creating infamous German quality cameras. But Germans are known for brave innovation, so it is no wonder that the T, even though it is a birthday celebrating product, marks the beginning of a completely new system.

Talking about the design, the Leica T is beautifully modern and minimalistic. It has been made from a single piece of 1.2kg heavy aluminum and sculpted to its weight of 94g which makes it look very clean. There are two colors available – black, or aluminum finish. Now, when we said ‘minimalistic’ we meant it. There are only five control units on its top – shutter button, power switch, video record button and dual dial controls for exposure setting. For every other control you will turn to Leica T’s other strongpoint – the 3.7”, 16:9 LCD touchscreen. The screen is very tactile, surprisingly large for this size of a camera and it only benefits from the elegant looks of the camera’s software.

Leica T digital camera

The sensor is 16MP APS-C CMOS boasting an ISO range from 100 to 12,500, also providing 5fps continuous shooting. When it comes to video recording, you get Full HD (1080p @30fps) possibility followed with great stereo sound.

Completely new T mount is fully electronic, but you will also be able to use your M mount lenses via an adapter.

Transferring footage to other devices has been made easy via WiFi, which is a feature common to most modern cameras including another model from the same company which is noticeably cheaper – the Leica C.

Amazing as it is, the Leica T is not very likely to become a commonly owned camera due to its price of $1,850 without a lens. However, just the 1.2kg of aluminum for the body makes the price understandable. The Leica T is a wonderful mixture of modern design and features and renowned German build quality best seen in their automotive industry. Any photographer who can afford the Leica T will not be disappointed. watch video below

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