LED Word Clock | A Unique Take On Time With Text


Time, in many ways, is what defines us. We define our days by time, and, we wouldn’t exist without time. Time is what gives us substance. However, we are all familiar with clocks, but we found a clock that was that unique that we just had to feature it. Introducing the LED Word Clock that features no hands and only words.

The perfect addition to any home or office, the LED Clock will give your place an air of its own.

Depending on your preference, the LED Clock can be mounted on a wall, or simply propped up on any table or desk of your choosing. To make everything easier, it even comes with a built-in stand.

LED World Clock on a desk

Dependent only upon your preference, the LED World Clock can be mounted onto a wall or simply propped up on a desk with the built-in stand.

The clock is unique in the fact that it has no hands or numbers. Rather, it displays time in 5 minute increments, using a matrix of words. The words are then highlighted via the LED’s so that you can literally ‘read’ the time out. Furthermore, we have found it to be an incredibly unique design.

LED World Clock side view

Setting it up only takes a few minutes and your clock will be ready to go!

For example, instead of saying 6:25 the clock would say, “It is twenty-five minutes past six”. Pretty cool, we reckon.

The clock itself measures 8 x 8 inches and comes with the AC adapter included. It is also fairly bright and can even be used in a child’s room as an alternative night light.

Get it from Amazon here.

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