From Suck UK (yep, that’s what they’re called), a company which makes unique gifts, comes their best one yet, the LED Bottle Lights.

If you happen to have a bunch of unused bottles for some reason these awesome little lamps will give the old bottles a new purpose by turning them into cool lamps. It gets even better if the bottles have different colors because you can make a great light display in your home or backyard.

LED Bottle Lights in colored bottles

Bottle Lights look even more amazing if you put them in colored bottles

The Bottle Lights have the appearance of a wine cork but the trick is that the bottom is actually a powerful LED light. In fact, the top of the light is actually made of cork. The way you use it is very simple, just twist the light to turn it on and put the Bottle Light inside the neck of the bottle and start being amazed by this simple yet awesome light. To make the effects even better used colored bottles or even oddly shaped ones so you can make unconventional lamps or atmospheric lights.

LED Bottle Light USB connector

Bottle Lights are charged easily thanks to the USB connector

Just grab a bunch of these and put them in your backyard for a nice get-together. The best thing about these lights is that, unlike a candle stuck into a wine bottle, they wont get blown out by the wind. Each of these lights lasts for about 3 hours and the USB connector will make charging easy (it will take around one hour to fully charge one of these lights). The cork cap is easily pulled off in order to reveal the USB connector used for charging and the charging indicator shuts off as soon as the light is ready to be used again. Bottle Lights were designed by UK based product designer Steve Gates who has a proven ability to design commercial products.

Don’t wait too long, grab a Bottle Light and put an old bottle to good use by turning it into an amazing ambient light. [via]

Get it from Amazon here.

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