Bicycles keep getting crazier, more inventive and more original. We have featured quite a few over the past few months, but the one we are about to show you is in a league of its own. It is Leaux Racing Trike (not a bike, but a trike), and it was invented by an 18-year-old high school pupil called Tyler Hadzicki.

Coming from an engineering family, Tyler was always encouraged to build things with his hands and it took him and his engineer father just over three years to develop and market Leaux Racing Trike, a product that is as unique as it is fun to use. The trike has a seat upholstered in leatherette, three wheels, wheel lock and front and rear handlebars. This is actually a decumbent stunt bike / trike which also comprises of a 16-inch-aluminum rim with a heavy-tread rubber tire, durable and sturdy steel tubing, a brake that is activated by pedaling backwards and three-to-one gearing ratio for speed.

Because of its one-of-a-kind design you can ride it, spin it and drift it to your heart’s content. The possibilities of having fun with Leaux Racing Trike are endless. To quote Tyler: “When you sitting (on Leaux Racing Trike) five inches off the ground, suddenly every tree becomes an obstacle, every ramp becomes an opportunity, and every corner becomes a drift. Spin your way to happiness!” watch video below

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Leaux racing trike

Leaux racing trike

Leaux trike control

Leaux trike controls

Leaux trike

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