Leather Rolltop Backpack | By Johnny Fly Co.


If you’re looking for a casual-looking everyday backpack, the Leather Rolltop Backpack by Johnny Fly Co. brings you the old style look that’s perfect for every modern occasion. This bag is made from high-quality Moroccan leather that hasn’t been treated with any chemicals or dyes. Instead, this durable backpack was tanned using an all-natural method that includes salt water and sunlight. This special treatment was used centuries ago as a way to naturally tan leather and it’s a very successful way to achieve a tawny leather color.

The Leather Rolltop Backpack features a classic look that’s also unique and recognizable. You can use it in many different occasions, from business trips to exciting vacations and casual commutes around town. This stunning leather bag will never seize to shine that special old-world glow, and just like fine wine, it’ll only get better with time. The leather is double stitched on the trim to improve durability and sturdiness, and the material will age beautifully.

Leather Rolltop Backpack by Johnny Fly Co. slightly tilted and side view, on a white background.

The Leather Rolltop Backpack’s handmade from waterproof Moroccan leather

The tawny color of the Johnny Fly Co. Leather Rolltop Backpack will get softer, darker and richer over time. This exclusive bag is a handmade item and each one has been oil-primed to emphasize the natural individuality and uniqueness of each piece. All the natural anomalies and specific details of the leather are preserved and accentuated to give the bags a unique appearance. This rolltop backpack is not just a leather sack for your stuff but also a tasteful addition to your overall style.

Leather Rolltop Backpack by Johnny Fly Co. zoomed in on the solid brass fittings and the front pocket.

This backpack has solid brass fittings that won’t rust or leave stains over time, and the leather will age beautifully

The Leather Rolltop Backpack’s constructed to be strong and durable, yet lightweight. The material is also waterproof so your belongings will stay safe even in the case of rain. The backpack also features solid brass fittings that won’t rust, tarnish, or leave black marks while the padded adjustable arm straps make the bag comfortable and easy to carry. The inside of the bag’s lined with waxed canvas, and there’s also an internal computer storage sleeve for your tablet or laptop. The added sunglasses pouch and a free Johnny Fly wooden sunglasses case are the unique details that make this backpack even cooler. The dimensions of the bag (rolled) are 22 x 10.5 x 8 inches.

A man on a motorbike on a city street with a Leather Rolltop Backpack by Johnny Fly Co. on his back, rear view.

Carry your Leather Rolltop Backpack by Johnny Fly Co. everywhere you go to shine that old-fashioned stylish look

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