If you are a San Franciscan who struggles with commuting to work every day then you are in luck because now you have the option of hopping on one of Leap luxury buses aimed at anyone who is looking for a stress-free commute.

Leap currently has one route which takes you from Lombard Street to Downtown San Francisco and if you are tired of your regular way of commuting to work then check out what this service has to offer.

Leap bus seating sections

Leap buses have three seating sections

The inside of the Leap bus is unlike any city bus out there. It is divided into three sections: a section with front facing seats designed for comfort, a workspace section for checking social networks or doing some last minute work and a large boot in the back of the bus for commuters who enjoy social interaction. To make your commute even more pleasant, Leap is equipped with a snack bar in case you start feeling peckish on your way to work. There are also USB ports for your mobile devices and Wifi is available. The services which Leap offers are all about forgetting timetables and generally every stress inducing part of commuting. About every 10-15 minutes a Leap bus will arrive at a stop but you can always plan when you will get on one as you can track it through the Leap companion app (available for Android and iOS).

Leap companion app

The companion app lets you track the Leap bus on its route

You will have to dish out $6 for a one way ride on one of these natural gas-fueled buses, although there are discounts available. Leap has also introduced a smart way of wasting precious time when paying for your bus ride by giving people three fast options; you can pay with a pre-printed ticket, scan a code from you smartphone or pay automatically when getting on the bus via Bluetooth. Leap is all about providing passengers with the most comfortable commute possible so, along with the bus driver, every Leap bus will have a company representative on board (the person wearing a leap shirt).

Leap bus and representative

Leap bus and representative

Leap representative

Leap buses have a company representative on board

Whether Leap buses will be successful and manage to further expand their services only time will tell but one thing is obvious, Leap buses seem a lot better than the usual mobile saunas which pass for public transportation. [via]

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