Imagine growing pot in your living room. A few years ago that would have been not only impossible, but also quite illegal. Thankfully, times have changed (in some parts of the world at least), and technology is quick to follow suit. A prime example of this is the Leaf, the first ever Plug N’ Plant automated cannabis growing system. Just plug it in, plant the seeds of your choice, and wait for the plant to grow. Thanks to the beautiful design, the Leaf fits nicely into any space.

Leaf Cannabis Growing System

The Leaf unit fits into most spaces in your home

The Leaf box provides a precisely controlled environment for your plant. You can set the PH and humidity levels, air and water temperature, PPM, PAR and plant height. Leaf also has a fully automated nutrient dosing system for vitamins and minerals, and is equipped with a LED grow-light, tailor-made for cannabis growth by NASA Agricultural Lighting Researchers. All this ensures that your plants will thrive without a lot of work. You can control and monitor the growth of your marijuana in the Leaf anywhere with a special app on your smartphone that connects to a built-in HD camera in the container. With the Leaf you don’t have to have a “green thumb” to be a master grower of cannabis. Leaf provides you with a plant with optimal weight, size, density and potency. Weather for medicine purposes, or recreational use, the Leaf cannabis growing system provides the best quality marijuana.

Leaf units can currently be reserved with a $ 100 deposit and shipping in the U.S. will start in the summer of 2016. Find out more here.

Leaf Cannabis Growing System

The ultimate home cannabis growing system

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