You will never again have to choose between the insect and rain protection a tent offers and comfort which a hammock offers, now that the Lawson Blue Ridge Tent and Hammock In-One is here. Every camper has at some point faced this dilemma, but this is now a thing of the past. This tent/hammock combo offers a lot of benefits and combines the best of both worlds. It’s easy to pack, carry and store, like hammocks usually are, and it offers a bug-free environment when camping in the woods, just like a tent.. In order to better illustrate how good this hammock/tent combo is, we are going to tell that it was rated as a #1 camping hammock by American Survival Guide, Backpacker and Outside Magazines.

Structure and Materials

Lawson Blue Ride Tent And Hammock In-One

Comfort of a hammock, and protection of a tent, the Lawson Blue Ride Tent And Hammock In-One is a camper’s dream

The Lawson Blue Ridge Tent and Hammock In-One is different from your average hammock because it has a few key differences. These lie mainly in the use of spreader bars to spread the fabric and allow you to suspend it above ground. And although it does use spreader bars, they are a lot shorter than with regular hammocks. What helps with spreading the fabric further and maintaining its shape are the tent poles.

Lawson Blue Ride Tent And Hammock In-One rainfly

Bad Weather can’t catch you off-guard because you have a effective rainfly to protect you

As for the materials used to make this amazing camping hammock, it uses 50% ripstop nylon and 50% polyester so it has a decent level of durability. Both the spreader bars and tent poles are aluminum, and this helps with reducing its overall weight (it weighs little over 4 pounds). You even have a rainfly to add to the entire setup, in case the weather turns for the worst.

The Ways in Which You Can Use It

Lawson Blue Ride Tent And Hammock In-One ground setup

If you happen to be camping somewhere without any trees, you can just put the Lawson Blue Ride Tent And Hammock In-One on the ground

Of course, the most obvious use of a hammock is to suspend it above ground and hang comfortably between two trees in the great outdoors. However, the tent incorporated in this design allows you to simply spread it on the ground and use it as a regular tent. This use will definitely come in handy if you are on a longer camping trip and you decide to relocate to a place which either has no trees at all, or the distance between them is too big.

Being neither a tent or hammock, but better than both, the Lawson Blue Ridge Tent and Hammock In-On is going to make your next camping trip a lot easier as it requires no time at all to be set up, weighs virtually nothing and is comfortable as a hammock should be.

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