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Recently, a lot of designers and inventors have found brilliant new ways for you to display your favorite vintage wine. Among them is the Lasso Wine Bottle Holder which can easily become a hit when it comes to these household items. By creating an illusion of a floating wine bottle, this bottle holder will amaze anyone who comes over to your home. The best thing about it is that it can fit all standard wine bottle sizes so no vintage will go unseen if you decide to get one of these. Measuring only 21 x 25 x 20 cm it can fit almost anywhere, but you probably have a good sense of where you want to display your wine bottles with this bottle holder.

How the bottle holder works

In order the effectively balance a bottle, a chromed iron bar is placed inside the rope

The secret behind the way the rope stays stiff is quite interesting. The rope is pulled over a chromed iron construction so it remains rigid while the white rope provides its warm and welcoming appearance. Now, chromed metal wine bottle holders look very nice on their own, but the effect of the optical illusion which the Lasso Wine Bottle Holder achieves is priceless. Who knows, maybe you’ll even manage to freak out some of your friends with it.

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Empty bottle holder

This bottle holder achieves the effects of an optic illusion

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