Most guys out there love grilled meat, and there isn’t a guy in the world that doesn’t like meat grilled on a charcoal BBQ simply because of that smokey flavor it gets after. For those of you who find charcoal grills irresistible, we give you the Landmann Vista, the ultimate charcoal grill. This grill was designed to give you the best grilling experience there is, thanks to its durable body and a large number of adjustable features which will help you when grilling different types of meat. Apart from being user-friendly, the Landmann Vista charcoal grill is also easy to move around, on account of the large wheels added to it.

User Friendly Features of the Landmann Vista

Landmann Vista grate and hinged hood

The large grilling grate and hinged hood allow for larger pieces of meat to be cooked perfectly

First and foremost, we need to check out the Landmann Vista’s hinged hood which covers the grate because that’s where the action happens. The hood is very large, which makes this grill perfect for larger cuts of meat. The designers added a temperature gauge to it and made it possible to tell the temperatures at a simple glance. This large hood covers the cast-iron grates capable of retaining heat for a perfect, uniform cooking. The added firebox allows you to add charcoal when needed without removing the grate and its spiral handle doesn’t heat up at all.

Landman Vista firebox

The firebox allows you to add charcoal without removing the grate and you can adjust the distance between it and the grate

The firebox is also fully adjustable so you can always set the distance between the coal and the meat in order to control the cooking process as much as you need or want. With its two side shelves and a larger bottom shelf, you won’t be needing additional tables because everything you need to do, like cutting or marinading the meat, can be done on them. Even the chimney is adjustable; it’s damper allows you to control the amount of smoke it lets out.

Size, maintenance and lesser features

Landman Vista ash catcher

A removable ash catcher is always a nice addition to every grill

Although not the most revolutionary of features, the Landmann Vista does have an ash catcher, which makes keeping things around it, and the actual grill, clean. As for the general maintenance of this grill, it’s no rocket science. A wire brush will keep the grate in top condition, while regular soap and water will keep the body sparkling clean. With all this grill has to offer, it isn’t that big and won’t require a lot of space. Its overall measurements are 52″ x 25 1/2″ x 47 1/2″, while the main grilling surface measures 22 1/2″ x 16″. Enough of a grilling surface to feed a bunch of your friends when you have them over for a relaxing Sunday BBQ. The Landmann Vista, and everything it has to offer, will prove very useful to all BBQ aficionados, especially now during summer. Not to mention the heavy-duty powder-coated steel makes it look absolutely amazing and protects the entire construction from corrosion.

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