Nature has a way of inspiring people, but if you are Germany-based painter, designer and sculptor called Cornelia Konrads, you are so taken by it that you fully incorporate it in your gravity-defying artwork called Land Art Installations. Konrads’ stunning installations blend perfectly with the surrounding environment that it appears as if they are effortlessly floating in the air.

Although, this adds a mystical quality to her work, upon closer inspection you will notice that the Land Art Installations are suspended by steel wires. Konrads has often been commissioned to do the so-called site-specific sculptures, many of which are in gardens and parks. True to her green inclination, she uses rocks, branches, logs, leaves and even snow to make her sculptures as a bridge between human culture and nature.

Suspended branches of the Land Art Installations by Cornelia Konrads

Her equivocal installations have either an upward or a downward dynamic with a purpose of creating the illusion that they are falling apart before your own eyes. Gateways are Konrads’ most reoccurring motives, featuring extensively in her work, while one of her latest creations – Schleudersitz – is a huge slingshot attached to an ordinary park bench. Be amazed by it with this interactive 360° view! watch video below

Land Art Installations Cornelia Konrads

Land Art Installations by Cornelia Konrads

Tree growing through house window of the Land Art Installations by Cornelia Konrads

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