Have you ever had a ticker? You know, a fun little clock-like device that measures and displays all sorts of key metrics in real time – from outside temperature to stock prices, drops and rises. You haven’t? Well, the time has come for you to get one, preferably LaMetric, a free-standing, customizable, hackable, practical ticker that has infinite possibilities.

LaMetric Smart Ticker is designed by Smart Atoms, and is so versatile that you can use it for virtually everything your heart desires: receiving and acting on notifications, tasks, emails, news, business metrics, as a workout timer, for counting days (until your baby is born or until your graduate), tracking the number of times your brand is mentioned on Twitter in real time…. You think of it, and LaMetric smart ticker can count or track it.

Another wonderful feature of this ticker is that you don’t need twenty different applications or new sites to obtain the information you need. With LaMetric, you receive everything at glance, in one location and in real time. Just think about the possibilities…

Setting up LaMetric is effortless. You plug it in through a small USB power adapter and just connect it to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. If you need to use LaMetric outdoors, you can order one with a built-in battery. Last but not least, the Kickstarter campaign for LaMetric is pending and, with still 30 days to go, the designers have already managed to collect $241,000 for their project (the goal was $69,000). watch video below

Lametric uses

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