In the world of growing cargo needs, having a big enough wardrobe or suitcase will never again be enough – after all, we all probably have more data in need of safe storage than clothes in need of well-organized racking. And that’s just where the new Rugged RAID hard drive comes in: designed by well-known French manufacturer of prestigious tech LaCie and tailored to suit the greatest of data needs of  keen travelers, computer geeks and professional photographers, RAID will back up all your vital data in a flash and keep it safe in transport 24/7 no matter what. Interesting enough for your cyber palate? Then feel free to scroll down for more info.

Lacie Rugged Raid hard drive

Packed inside an aluminum shell coated with dust-, shock- and water-resistant orange rubber, RAID was recently presented at CES 2015 and it’s reportedly tough enough to withstand a five-foot drop, heavy rain, occasional splash and up to one ton of pressure without compromising the stored data. Outfitted with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connectivity, RAID boasts two 2TB hard drives (that’s equivalent to some thirty 128 GB memory cards for you in the cheap seats) paired with superior 0/1 mode flexibility – 0 for stripped and 1 for mirrored mode – to allow the user to optimize transfer security and speed (up to an amazing 240MB/s which translates as 64GB data transfer in under five minutes) and have their data mirrored across both drives for minimal data loss risks.

Compatible with most Mac and PC platforms as well as Time Machine™ and Windows® Backup, this cool external drive comes with a backup software suite and LaCie Private-Public software which allows the owner to protect their data stored on the drive or certain sections of it by a password or AES 256-bit encryption. RAID is also 100% operating system-independent so it will be rightfully recognized by any computer on the market.

Lacie Rugged Raid hard drive

Like most products in the LaCie lineup, the new bus-powered portable hard drive lets you access your data anytime and anywhere without the need for a ready power outlet or cable – save for the included Thunderbolt connection that conveniently doubles as a power supply cord and neatly stores onboard when not in use.

Due to start shipping in the some time later in 2015, LaCie Rugged RAID hard drive will come with upgradeable three-year warranty with all the essentials you may need in terms of professional in-house technical support, comprehensive web-based resources and global repair and/or replacement possibilities. Buckle up, data lovers – you’re definitely in for a safe and sturdy ride with the new RAID. [via]

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