There is a Latin saying that goes “Omnia mea mecum porto” or translated into English “All that’s mine I carry with me”. Imagine carrying all that you work with, your entire workstation, or even the contents of your work cubicle in a hyper-functional compact leather suitcase wherever you go. This novel idea comes from a design agency piKs Design from the French town of Roubaix. After two years of development and several prototypes, the agency’s design team finally came up with La Fonction No. 1, a mobile office in the shape of a full-grain leather briefcase which reconciles your work and mobility.

La Fonction No. 1 was inspired by the trailblazers in photography who had to hide in order to shield their photographic plate from being exposed to light. Made in a leather workshop in the Cévennes region in France, this leather satchel is a testimony to the workmanship of the highest quality, French chic, practicality, multi-functionality and nomadic work style of a modern day man.

La Fonction No. 1 is lined with the top quality Italian canvass and can carry your laptop (with up to 15-inch screen), smartphones, tablets, pens, notepads, and an array of other stationary and work accessories in its internal storage compartments and external pocket. The satchel expands to protect your computer screen from reflections, while, at the same time, giving you privacy despite resembling an open-plan office. La Fonction No. 1 weighs only 2 kg and has an adjustable strap and a hanging loop for easy carrying. [via] watch video below

La Fonction No1 Mobile Workstation 7

La Fonction No1 Mobile Workstation 6

La Fonction No1 Mobile Workstation 5

La Fonction No1 Mobile Workstation 4

La Fonction No1 Mobile Workstation 3

La Fonction No1 Mobile Workstation 2

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