Have you heard of the term cable bracelet or cabelet? Well, in the world of bracelets, this one stands out as one of the most innovative we have seen so far. Marketed under the name Kyte & Key, the Cabelet is, as you might have guessed, a bracelet that is actually a cable that charges your mobile phone. We bet that even the most seasoned gadget testers have never seen something like this around.

Kyte & Key bracelet is made from pure woven leather and contains a lightning cable inside. This is a compact mobile power source that will save your day if you don’t have a cable or an adapter at hand. The way Kyte & Key Cabelet works is by connecting with a nearby USB source via iDevice. The bracelet works with USB-to-Micro or USB-to-Lightning. If you are using it at work, you can easily plug it into your laptop or PC.

“Being fans of jewelry and cool bracelets, we aimed to merge the two items into one powerful product: a wearable power cabelet,” said Kyte & Key founder Antonio Bertone. “We camouflage digital peripherals into objects that we know people will love to be seen wearing.”

In additional to being highly functional, Kyte & Key bracelet is also stylish and it comes in several attractive colours, plus the classic ones – white and black. You could easily wear this bracelet as a fashion accessory and nobody would know their real purpose. watch video below

Kyte & Key Cabelet bracelet micro usb


Kyte & Key Cabelet

Kyte & Key Cabelet bracelet

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