Japanese craftsmanship is legendary. This is a nation that knows all there is to know about precision, meticulousness, dedication to the manufacturing process and refinement. Japanese cutlery embodies those features down to a T particularly if they are manufactured by Kyocera. Their Revolution 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set with black blade will win you over with their practicality, precision and durability.

If you never had a ceramic kitchen knife, we suggest you get yourself one because it will give you much more than your usual stainless steel one. Ceramic knives are one of the hardest knives in the world and, believe it or not, the only material used to make knives that is harder than ceramic is diamond. Kyocera Revolution knives are made from Zirconia 206, one of the toughest and most advanced ceramic materials out there. They can go years before you need to sharpen them.

Kyocera Revolution ceramic knife

Ceramic knives are also very lightweight, usually weighing less than a half of what other knives do. Their blade is ultra-sharp and they stay sharper longer compared to usual knives. Compared to carbon steel blades, the blades of the Kyocera Revolution Knives hold an edge ten times longer. Another great thing about ceramic knives is that they won’t brown food (An apple or lettuce sliced using a ceramic knife will brown slower than if cut by a stainless steel knife. When cutting with a metallic knife the ions transfer from the steel knife to the food which speeds up the oxidation process and makes food (like apples and lettuce) turn brown faster.) and they are germ- and acid-resistant. Also, these knives will not alter the taste of food.

Ceramic knives usually have a non-stick surface and thus they are easier to clean. They are handy and efficient cooking tools. Kyocera Revolution Ceramic Knife Set includes a 7-inch chef’s knife, a 3-inch paring knife and a 5.5-inch santoku knife. The set comes in an elegant box and makes a perfect gift for amateur and professional chefs alike.

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Kyocera Revolution ceramic knife set

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