Kosha Chair – Furniture on a Quest for Physical and Spiritual Well-Being

Kosha is not just a chair. Claudio D’amore’s idea was to create a personal space that can be a big part of the interior design, but also provide private room where you can completely relax and enjoy. Even though it is mostly designed to present a reading room, it is much more than that.

The ergonomics of this modern outdoor lounge chair are simply perfect. Kosha is reminiscent of a vessel that will take you to an imagined sea where you can be by yourself surrounded by your favorite literature. This kind of the idea is supported by the materials used and the shape of this vessel-like retreat.

Apart from the sitting/lying space, Kosha also gives room for storing books. 10 of these spaces are placed symmetrically along the construction for easy access as well as great design features.

Kosha Chair - Living Concept Furniture

The material options include walnut, birch plywood, matt varnish and dark matt varnish finish and the headrest is covered with fine leather with two color options – black and white. The entire construction weighs 160kg, which makes it not very easy for moving, but also not impossible. However, Kosha is consisted of four detachable elements which make it very easy to move around.

Books stacked on the Kosha Chair - Living Concept Furniture

Design-wise, smooth lines and delicate curves make this piece of furniture fit perfectly in any modern space. Also, placing it in nature or at least next to a large window would make this chair look like it is an integral part of nature due to its natural materials and curves.

Kosha can actually represent a perfect getaway right in the middle of your living room, or working space. The only problem might be the price of $41,500.

Solid wood construction of the Kosha Chair - Living Concept Furniture

Kosha Chair - Living Concept Furniture

Kosha Chair - Living Concept Furniture

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