What are a fisherman’s friends? Definitely not the menthol lozenges, because they won’t help you catch or clean a fish. A fisherman’s friends would be the tools used to practice fishing and we are going to present you with a very useful one called the Kombo Fishing Multi-Tool. Although you still have to carry around your fishing rod and tackle box because the Kombo Fish Tool doesn’t help you with the actual act of reeling in a fish, it will provide much needed assistance when preparing the fish for a meal at your camp. This tool consists of a fish bonker, a filet knife, a scooper and a sharpener.

Kombo Fish Tool fish bonker

The bonker is used to humanely kill the fish before you start preparing it for cooking

Using this well designed tool, you can humanely end the life of the fish with the bonker and remove the guts with the pointed scooper. The filet knife will let you easily prepare the fish for cooking and you will have your meal ready in no time. When the stainless steel blade gets dull, simply use the brass sharpener to restore the sharpness to its original level.

Kombo Fish Tool filet knife

The stainless steel filet knife and scooper will let you prepare your catch

The knife handle and bonker are made from high-grade plastic so you don’t have to worry about breaking it during use. The designers of this amazing fishing accessory added three brass plugs in the head of the fish bonker in order to increase its weight and provide you with a better feel while using it.

Kombo Fish Tool knife sharpener

After the blade gets dull, run it through the brass sharpener to make it sharp again

The Kombo Fish Tool is a pretty nifty item which will be much appreciated by fishing enthusiasts everywhere because it allows them to pack a little lighter than usual as this sport doesn’t give much leeway when it comes to the gear you can leave behind. [via]

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