Kodiak Canvas | Canvas Swag Tent W/ Sleeping Pad


A couple of years ago, on a journey through Australia, we came across an interesting invention. That invention was called a “Swag”, by the Aussies. It was, without a doubt, one of the most comfortable camping experiences we have ever had. Luckily for us, we found one on Amazon and it’s called the Kodiak Canvas Swag.

Essentially, a swag is both a sleeping bag and a tent constructed into one easy to carry device. However, when it comes to quality, the Kodiak Canvas Swag is definitely up there.

We all know that as comfortable as sleeping bags are, they have a major downfall. They don’t protect you from the elements or insects; hence the reason that we use them with a tent.

Kodiak Canvas with covers closed

The entire swag is constructed out of 100% Hydra-Shield cotton duck canvas.

However, the Swag is a totally different ball game.

Starting off with its size, the Kodiak measures in at 6’8” long and almost 3 feet wide. This gives you plenty of space to roll around in your sleep. Check out the video below.

Kodiak Canvas with covers open

The cover can be rolled back to convert into a mesh screen that helps regulate temperature and keeps insects out. Of course, it wouldn’t be the ultimate camping tool if it didn’t have a 2″ foam mattress on the inside.

Furthermore, it includes a 2-inch foam mattress pad with a flannel cover, which ensures decent comfort, even when sleeping on the ground. All you need is a blanket and you’ve got a bed on the go.

Kodiak Canvas bag

When you’re done, you simply roll the entire swag with its mattress up and place it into the easy carry bag.

Essentially, a swag is both a bed and a tent rolled into one device. The top can unzip and roll back which converts it into a screen shelter for temperature regulation and insect protection. The entire canvas top is constructed out of Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck canvas. When packed up, it weighs 17.5 lbs.

Get it from Amazon here.

More images below video:

Man sitting on his Kodiak Canvas

Kodiak Canvas on a stretcher

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