With Skype, social networks, and similar media gone highly popular and still growing, staying in touch with you friends, family and loved ones when traveling abroad is nowadays much more easy than it used to be in the past. Nevertheless, a Facebook chat with your brother, dad or girlfriend is not quite the same as hearing their voice on the phone, but if you’re a frequent cross-border traveler, roaming charges will probably put you off from ringing up your home-bound spouse or family member in the middle of a sleepless night and shooting the breeze ’till the cows come home. But it doesn’t have to be that way all the time – with KnowRoaming sticker SIM card, you won’t go broke over international calls, however lengthy or frequent they might be.

“If you’re somebody who needs to be connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week and receive your local calls, and have the option of having local numbers in the countries you travel to, this is the product for you,” KnowRoaming CTO and co-founder Matthew Stein says in a promo video.

Created by Toronto-based start-up KnowRoaming, this ingenious little electronic sticker easily attaches atop of your nano, micro or mini SIM with the help of an adhesive applicator tool to prevent high roaming charges when communicating with your friends and family or browsing the internet during your international trips. Once you’ve applied the sticker to your existing SIM card, simply download the KnowRoaming companion iOS or Android application and you’re all set for some busy texting, fast browsing and long-winded calls worldwide.

Knowroaming sticker sim card rates

When within the range of your native network, KnowRoaming sticker will remain dormant but it will automatically snap into action as soon as you cross the border and enter one of the 220 countries on the KnowRoaming list of states that allow 85% roaming rate discount for international voice call, data and text charges. Once abroad, KnowRoaming will instantly switch to a pre-selected local service carrier so instead of risking to come home to a phone bill gone through the roof over lengthy and regular international calls, you will pay only the local carrier rates as if you were a local in the country you’re visiting. With the help of the companion application, you can check a list of local carriers and their charges beforehand and pick the one you like best upon (or even prior to) arrival, and you can also monitor your usage, manage your numbers and top up minutes via your credit card on the go. But that’s not all – in case you don’t use up all your KnowRoaming credit on your voyage, it won’t expire as you return to your mother country so you can use it on your next trip. Now that’s what you call a real bargain.

On top of that, KnowRoaming company also offers a number of different family and business rate deals and several unlimited prepaid data packages so you no longer have to worry about the odd downloaded megabyte costing you an arm and a leg or the extra hour or two on the phone eating up the same amount of money as your actual trip costs. Compatible with most SIM cards and almost all unlocked phones (including older handsets), the intelligent KnowRoaming sticker is all you need to keep your phone bill in check when making international calls, accessing local network data and sending texts abroad. Give it a try, you will definitely love it – and your trip budget will stay happy, too. watch video below

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Knowroaming sticker sim card

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