Knops | Adjustable Ear Plugs That Reduce Noise


We’ve all been there- crying babies, construction site noise, loud concerts…If you’re easily irritated with high volume sounds and want to preserve your hearing then look no further. We’re talking about Knops, acoustic hearing solution that will serve as a volume button for your ears allowing you to find silence everywhere. They are currently being funded on Kickstarter and received almost 5 times more than their original goal.

So, how does Knops work? It comes with 4 main settings, each one serving a different purpose. The first one will provide you with a clear sound so you can hear what you would’ve heard without the plugs. The second one reduces the city noise, the third one adjusts the sound for live music and the last one creates a silent environment. The best part- in order to change modes, simply use the knob on the side.

features of Knops ear plugs

Check out the features of these awesome new ear plugs.

Knobs doesn’t use electronics, apps or batteries but has an acoustic design that creates a similar dB reduction across all frequencies. This means that no matter what mode you choose, the sound will come with minimal distortion.

four modes of Knops ear plugs

Each of the four modes is different and will provide you with various sound reductions.

As the founder explained ‘instead of using electronics to try and synthesize something artificial, we’re taking the actual sound waves that come into your ear, and modifying them so, what you hear is the actual, physical pressure wave, as it was already arriving into your ear.’

Also, thanks to their design, these ear plugs won’t fall out of your ears. They look just like the classic round volume button and come in different colors and trims so you can get the one that fits your style the most. Check out the video below and see how they work.

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