Knog LED Bike Lights


Those of you who don’t enjoy winter cycling are probably glad that spring is here. Get that bike out, clean it and head out on the road. Of course, keeping yourself protected and safe is the goal, so making the bike visible by night is extremely important. There are plenty of bike lights available and one of the best you can get are definitely the Knog LED Bike Lights.

Knog has quite a big offer and what’s common for all their lights is that they’re easily attachable and affordable. No matter what kind of cycling you prefer, you can easily find a light for you. You should also know that Knog Bike Lights are waterproof and USB rechargeable.

Front Knog LED Bike Lights

All Knog LED Bike Lights are waterproof.

The light output varies depending on the type of light, whether its front or rear light. Also, lights have several different modes you can choose, usually between flash modes, narrow and wide but also high and low modes.

Rear Knog LED Bike Lights

You can recharge the lights using a standard USB port or adapter.

Depending on the mode, the battery will last differently. Charging the lights is simple. Just plug them into a regular USB port or adaptor. As for the straps, they’re made from silicone and very easy to attach.

Front And Rear Knog LED Bike Lights

Silicone strap is easily attachable.

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