Multi-tools have proven to be quite a success due to the large amount of tools fitted into small objects easily carried around. Key chains, credit cards, bracelets, pendants and many other objects have been successfully implemented with a large number of tools to increase their utility. Now, we have something completely different; a weapon outfitted with 22 tools. The Kniper Throwing Knife Multitool looks pretty intimidating and offers a very high level of utility thanks to the aforementioned number of tools.

Kniper features

This multitool has 22 tools implemented in it

First of all, let’s see what makes this knife a multitool. It is outfitted with phillips and flathead screwdrivers, fork, pry bar, sundial, universal hex hole, a combination bottle and can opener, closed wrench, rangefinder, saw, nail remover, wire stripper, wire breaker, ruler, and believe it or not, a tobacco pipe among others. Now that’s pretty amazing, especially when considering the fact that this is a 13 inches long, 2.5 inches wide and 5.5 mm thick throwing knife. One of its best qualities is that it has no moving or removable parts; this is a solid piece throwing knife multitool.

Kniper smoking pipe

Believe it or not, this multitool has a tobacco pipe in it

It is also quite durable as it is made from 420 HC (high carbon) Stainless Steel, with a powder coat finish. High quality steel is quite important in this case because you don’t want to sacrifice durability when a bunch of tools are added on top of this knife. Unfortunately, the Kniper Throwing Knife Multitool is available in only one color, but on the up side you will get a nice sheath for it.

Kniper sheath

This throwing knife multitool comes with a good sheath

This multitool was designed by Urchin Sky LLC, a company which designs and sells high quality outdoor equipment for all who enjoy camping, hiking and mountaineering. Good to know since that’s what you should always be looking for in your outdoor equipment; high quality stuff made by people who know what they are doing. If this throwing knife has piqued your interest, then pre-order one for yourself. [via]

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