KLAX is the name for one of the latest breaking projects on Kickstarter. It is a brilliant invention that allows you to make a multi-tool axe of basically anything that is stick-shaped.

With the KLAX, packing your things for a picnic or a journey in the nature has never been easier. You just put the KLAX in a backpack or even in a back pocket and you are good to go. Yes, it is that small, but its size does not mean it is not durable. This lightweight tool is able to chop down any log, branch or some other piece of wood. After all it is meant for the outdoors, so its inventors made these axes from titanium or stainless steel, the materials that make the KLAX are long lasting. You can always use the same handle, the one you prefer, or you can just find a random stick and attach KLAX onto it. Once you did that, it becomes multifunctional.

Besides being an ax blade, the KLAX can also be used as a hex wrench set, a hammer head, a bottle opener, a scraper, a ruler, a quarter-inch bit drive socket, a lanyard hole, a carabineer and a hammer.

It will become available in September 2014 in various setups, so you can choose the one that suits you best and the price will be between $115 and $550, depending on your needs. [via] watch video below

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Klax multi tool

Klax multi tool

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