If you are into extreme sports you probably know how expensive some items of equipment can be. Further on, if you are a real adrenaline junkie, you are bound to be into several different extreme sports all of which increases the expenditure significantly and makes transport a damn chore. Well, the Kitewing might be the answer to your problems. And it’s so damn fun.

The Kitewing is a tremendously versatile wing which can be used as a piece of equipment for a variety of extreme sports. It is a simple, lightweight and portable wing that can work with any kind of board and rollerblades and can be used on a variety of surfaces including snow, ice, water, air and even sand. This makes it an all-season piece of equipment.

The Kitewing is very easy to use and it is operated intuitively. You will pick up the basics quickly, but experienced athletes will also have loads of fun with the Kitewing since it is a new product and new tricks have been emerging on daily basis. Additionally, it gives you total control which increases the possibility of some seriously extreme tricks. Launching is also very easy. There are no lines and no assistance is required. All you need is the ever-present power of wind.

Its transport size is a huge upside. Being as big as a regular ski bag, the Kitewing is very easy to carry around. watch video below

Kitewing on water

Kitewing with a surfboard

Kitewing on water

Kitewing with rollers

Kitewinging at the beach

Kitewing on snow

Kitewing with skates

Kitewing and skiing

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