There are many ways to keep yourself protected from mosquito bites, but none of them is as effective as Kite patch. This patch comes in various colors, such as red, white, purple, blue and yellow, so you can easily match it with your clothes, backpack, bicycle or any place where you want it to be. With the help of this little product you are safe for 48 hours from the moment you apply it.

With the dimensions of just 38mm of each side, it is easy to attach and be carried around as a protection from probably the most irritating, and not always harmless insects.

Mosquitoes attack humans after they sense the victim’s exhaled carbon dioxide. That’s where the Kite patch comes in. Made of blend of FDA-authorized non-toxic ingredients, which emit a scent that masks the carbon dioxide, it prevents mosquitoes to spot the target and bite.

Effect of the Kite Patch Non Toxic Mosquito Repelling Patch

The Kite group wants to help people in Africa, where many die from malaria and similar diseases that are caused by mosquito bites. Many foundations and organizations are included in this action, among them Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Institute of Health (NIH), who gave them funding to keep the project alive. The Kite patch is a result of a research conducted at the University of California, Riverside.

On an international crowd funding site Indiegogo, in just four days they collected US$75,000. Any of us still has a chance to become a part of this lifesaving action, by simply buying the patch for the price of US$10, which will be enough to send a pack of five pieces to one Uganda family, whereas for the amount of US$35 you get 10 patches for yourself and 10 more that will be sent to Uganda.

The main reason why they are sending them there is because Uganda has a big problem with mosquitoes and infections they transmit, due to which the Kite group decided to test their product right there.

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Red Blue White and Yellow Kite Patch Non Toxic Mosquito Repelling Patches

Man holding a Kite Patch Non Toxic Mosquito Repelling Patch

Video below highlights the dangers of mosquito-borne diseases and the solution that Kite Patch provides.

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