Kisslink Router | Never Worry About Your WiFi Password Again


We all know what a pain WiFi passwords can be; if you change your router password from its default, chances are that you’ve probably forgotten what it is. Unfortunately, with both our mobile devices and PC’s running Windows 10, they don’t display your current password and to get it again is quite the hassle. Fortunately for us, this is no longer the case with the Kisslink Router by KeeWiFi.

The Kisslink makes life all the more easier and when you have guests around, your WiFi password is easily accessible.

Kisslink Router by itself

Small, stylish, elegant and powerful. The Kisslink will change the way that you access the internet forever.

Kisslink was ranked as one of the “Best new inventions of 2015” by MSN and it should come as no surprise since this little baby utilizes cutting edge proximity sensors. It works simply as a plug and play unit and can be set up within 30 seconds; when you have a device that needs the WiFi password, you simply bring it closer to the device and it automatically enters the WiFi password for you and connects your device. Don’t forget to check out the humorous video below.

Mobile phone in range of the Kisslink's proximity sensor.

Your wifi password is also exceptionally safe since nobody can access it unless connecting via the proximity sensor.

The Kisslink is also incredibly safe because nobody can connect to your WiFi unless they touch to the Kisslink proximity sensor. It’s extremely energy efficient as well and only utilizes 2 Watts of energy. When it comes to the actual design, the Kisslink is small, elegant and looks good in any room where you choose to place it. It also features a multi-color RGB LED light that can be controlled and scheduled.

The Kisslink was originally featured as a Kickstarter campaign, and it should come as no surprise that they overachieved their funding goal and now has 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon out of 252 reviews.

Get it from Amazon here.

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