When you need to use a knife for different purposes, you will want it to be extra sharp and able to cut through just about anything. Now, with the Kiridashi Knife you can have the ultimate and most effective cutting experience. Kiridashi Knife is a traditional Japanese item and it is made in Japan, so by buying it you will get an authentic Japanese product. It is forged from special stainless steel using traditional forging methods that have been passed on from generation to generation in Japan, so perfect quality is practically guaranteed.

The design of the Kiridashi is very simple and it is extremely practical and useful. It is beveled from only one side in contrast to ordinary knives which are beveled from both sides, so with its different edge orientation it is much easier to sharpen it. With its total length of 180mm (7″) it doesn’t  have a huge handle like most ordinary knives do, but is much more effective in any cutting action you use it for. With its extremely thin and razor sharp blade you can use it to cut through almost anything with great precision and accuracy.

Kiridashi knife from Japan

The Kiridashi knife is small and very portable with total length of 180mm (7″), width of 21mm (0.8), and thickness of only 3mm, so you can carry it anywhere with you and if it comes in handy you can easily use it knowing that you are using a supreme quality product.  Its main purpose was, originally, to be used as a craft knife, since it is a traditional all-purpose knife used for woodworking and bamboo crafting. But you can put it to many different uses. Here are some practical examples: general cutting, gardening, cutting zip ties, deburring and drilling holes, self defense, survival tool, the uses are almost innumerable.

So if you want to own this remarkable and extremely useful product you can buy it on Amazon for only $29.99.

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Kiridashi knife from Japan

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