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We have been covering survival gear quite a lot in the last few months, but most of this gear is used on dry land. This time around we are featuring a practical and, most importantly, life saving device that will keep you from drowning. Regardless of your swimming prowess, the risk of drowning is ever present. You might get caught up in a strong rip tide, fall off a jet ski or get a leg cramp in the middle of a swim and the danger of drowning increases exponentially. A mini-life vest call Kingii can save your life and that’s a fact.

Closeup of the Kingii inflatable floatation device

You wear it around the wrist and it doesn’t interfere with swimming at all. It is comfortable and compact; actually it is the smallest inflatable life saving device in the world. Kingii is definitely not unflattering and obtrusive like conventional life vests and it is also suitable for children. How do you activate this life saving device? All you need to do is pull the hook to activate a cylinder containing CO2 which, in turn, inflates an orange safety bag that pulls you up to the surface. Once you are safe and on dry land, all you need to do is to remove the cylinder, deflate the bag, pack it back into its compartment and put in the fresh CO2 cartridge. You can re-use Kingii as many times as you want to.

Specification details of the Kingii inflatable floatation device

Kingii inflatable floatation device

Kingii has a bright orange inflatable bag to increase your visibility, a wrist band to hold it tight in place, a built-in compass and even a whistle to call for help. It can ensure buoyancy for adults weighing up to 275 pounds and will stay inflatable for 48 hours. Considering that 372,000 people drown each year, having Kingii is more than justified. [via] watch video below

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