If you are sensitive to cold, but really enjoy and need training, The Kinetic Kurt Road Machine Bicycle Trainer is the thing you need. It is an indoor trainer that brings great improvements to the fluid trainer market. This fitness machine is definitely going to be very useful to you, because you will not need to get out and be negatively affected by the chilly weather.

The main reasons it is so special are the following perks. It is very quiet, thermodynamically stable, leak-proof, smooth, has a magnetically coupled driveshaft and a patented sealed fluid chamber that absolutely eliminates the risk of leakage, which all combined provide an awesome experience and will make you feel just like riding a bicycle for real, even though you are inside your warm home.

Kinetic Kurt road machine bicycle trainer

Kinetic Kurt Bicycle Trainer uses powertap calibration that automatically adapts resistance to how hard you are pushing the pedals, so every time you change the speed it follows you up instantly, offering a very accurate simulation of riding outdoors. Another element that helps it offer a realistic experience is a 6.25-lb flywheel that amazingly imitates coasting.

If you still feel suspicious about this extraordinary bicycle trainer, the fact that it is used by the USA Cycling Team is surely going to change your mind. It comes with a manual, a 60 minute workout video, 80 cooling fans to dissipate heat and a rear wheel quick release.

Since winter is coming, a piece of fitness equipment such as the Kinetic Kurt Road Machine is a thing that is not only going help you beat it with ease, it will also help you stay fit during the season in which everyone becomes a bit rusty. watch video below

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