Kim Dotcom, the main guy behind the hosting service Mega, announced the public beta version of their chat service MegaChat, a chat service that supports audio and video.

The chat is said to be browser-based and Kim claims end-to-end encryption. This latter feature allows Kim to boast and call his app SkypeKiller on Twitter, what with the fact that the NSA has been seen as having absolute control over Skype.

However, Kim Dotcom’s sites have also been questioned. When they claimed end-to-end encryption on file-sharing in 2013, many experts were less than assured.

Megachat from Mega

Still, the reassuring thing might be that the MegaChat is in public beta form, so public testing should test the claims of security. We are actually looking forward to the whole deal.

Using the chat is pretty simple and it works just fine. You need to log in on and deal with the usuals like creating your personal profile – a completely free action, finding and adding your desired contacts and you can go for it.

So video calling is already up and running, but texts and conference calls are expected soon as well. Also, Kim Dotcom asked independent researchers to report security flaws and offered a bounty.

The first look reveals that the chat works just fine and there is nothing to complain about currently, but we do need to have some reserve when it comes to such dismissive claims of security. Anyway, we’ll just have to wait and see. [via]

Kim DotCom Megachat

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