Kharkiv Slide Apartment | By Ki Design Studio

When your clients want you to come up with a design that isn’t boring and is perfect for relaxing, adding a large indoor slide into the apartment is simply genius. In order to ‘wow’ their clients, Ki Design Studio did just that. Two-storey apartment in Kharkiv, Ukraine is now an example that slides aren’t just for kids and outdoor playgrounds.

The big metal gray slide is well incorporated into the apartment. With its contemporary aesthetics it matches the rest of the design. The slide connects what used to be an empty second floor to a cozy living room downstairs. The entire place has warm tones with natural materials like white-painted brick and wood adding to a relaxing atmosphere.

A Slide leading to a living room

The big grey slide drops you off at the living room and a vertical garden separates it from the kitchen.

Living Room From The Side In Kharkiv Apartment

The living room is big and cozy.

Living Room Kharkiv Apartment

Big windows provide a lot of natural light.

Fireplace In The Living Room At Kharkiv Apartment

The fireplace is surrounded by a white-painted brick wall.

At the lower level of the apartment you’ll find the kitchen, dining room and living room. There’s a lot of natural light all thanks to huge windows placed across the living room. Also included in the living room is a fireplace, a built-in wood storage and a bookshelf. A tall vertical garden divides the kitchen from the living room.

Kitchen and dinid area Kharkiv Apartment

Besides the living room, on the lower floor there’s a kitchen and dining area.

Kitchen in Kharkiv Apartment

Right next to the kitchen are the stairs that lead to the second floor.

Stairs to the second floor

A view on the second floor.

The top of the slide

The slide connects the second and the first floor.

The entrance to the slide is located at the top of the stairs. On the second floor, there’s a home office, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Both bedrooms are similar and feature a palette of wood, white and blue. What’s interesting is the hexagonal theme you can see in both bathrooms. One has black hexagonal tiles and the other one a mirror in the same shape. [via]

A View On The Home Office

You can see the home office through the glass window.

A home office

A home office upstairs with a custom built-in desk.

One of the bedrooms in the Kharkiv Slide Appartment

One of the bedrooms.

One Of The Bedrooms At Kharkiv Apartment

Both bedrooms are designed in the same manner, with big beds and same colors used.

One of the bathrooms in the Kharkiv Slide Appartment

Black hexagonal tiles in one of the bathrooms.

The Second Bathroom At Kharkiv Apartment

The hexagonal theme continues in the second bathroom, with the mirror of the same shape.


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