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KeySmart is a perfect thing for those of us who have a large set of keys. It’s a compact key holder modelled after the Swiss army knife, with two frames and your keys in-between. It can expand to hold a 100 keys.

There is standard size model, which is suited for American keys, and the extended model which is suited for international ones. It is made from stainless steel (or medical grade titanium, if you choose so) and aircraft aluminium. The logo is laser engraved and there is a polished loop for car fobs.

Unlocking the door with KeySmart

Of course, there are various accessories that you can hold with KeySmart, apart from keys. USB 2.0 drive, for instance, with 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB of memory. The drive has full aluminium housing so it won’t get damaged by your keys and takes up two slots of space in your KeySmart. The stainless loop piece attaches your KeySmart to car fobs, keychains, and other accessories. Also, in the place of your loop ring, you can have a bottle opener. You just rotate it when you want to use it, and fold it back inside after you are finished. It is also made of stainless steel so it’s very durable.

Then, there is a quick disconnect, which is called that way because it quickly attach or disconnect KeySmart from pants, bags, or other everyday devices. You can get a quick release lanyard if you want to carry your KeySmart that way. Or a pocket clip if you prefer wearing keys in your pocket. Pocket clip is made from spring tempered stainless steel, bead blasted for a uniform matte finish and has smooth bends to avoid snag points. Or maybe a quick retract, with steel housing and durable chrome finish?

Putting KeySmart in the pocket

The Glow Fob is especially interesting, which (as you might have guessed) glows in the dark. Nomadkey, a micro USB or lightning cable, shaped like a house key, which can charge /sync your smartphone from any USB port. It fits on your keychain and has USB 2.0 speed. Pico pen is good if you are one of those who constantly write something down, since it is small enough to fit on your keychain. For self-defense or Bear Gryls-like escapade, there is a card sharp, a foldable pocket knife that transforms from a credit card into a razor sharp pocket knife with a couple simple moves. The money clip is good for holding your bills, credit cards and ID. For golfers there is a golf divot tool.


You can get assorted key rings, a titanium one, spacers to fill up your KeySmart, replacement screws. For tool fanatics and Macgyver wannabes, there is a multi tool card and Pocket Monkey 12-in-1 tool. The plates and most of the accessories come in different colors. It is made in USA.

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