Key Caddy Key Organizer | By Liquid Co.


Good organization is the key to success as it saves you a lot of time and effort you’d waste trying to find whatever you’ve misplaced, whether it’s some important information or a set of keys. The Key Caddy is a cool key organizer created by Liquid Co. to keep multiple keys together in the style of a Swiss Army knife. The smooth design along with the premium aluminum body finish gives an elegant finishing touch to this compact accessory. The product is available in black or gun metal grey.

The Key Caddy isn’t just a smart way to organize your keys and keep them together; it also turns your key set into a fashion statement. You can finally get rid of the messy and overloaded key rings and key chains. With this product, there will be no more picking through your key set and it to unlock the door. You’ll be able to enter or exit your house a lot faster and without disturbing anyone else.

Key Caddy, black, with keys, a bottle opener and USB spread around, on a white background.

The Key Caddy is a Swiss Army knife style key and accessory organizer available in black or grey

The Key Caddy will also keep your pockets safe as there will be no more sharp keys to rip holes in the lining. This accessory is suitable for keys of any thickness and width, but the keyhole has to be larger than 4mm and the key needs to be no longer than 70mm/2.76″ to fit the post. Besides the keys, this organizer can also accommodate multiple small accessories as you can get extension posts if you want to have more than 8 items fitted into the post. You can also attach car keys and remote fobs to the key ring loop.

Key Caddy with a car key attached, held in hand.

The Key Caddy has a loop for your car keys and can accommodate 8 regular keys but you can get extensions for it if you want to fit more

The Key Caddy is made from aluminum grade 6061; it measures 80mm/3.15’’ in length, 27mm/1.06’’ in width and 10mm/0.39’’ in height, and it weighs just 23grams/0.05 lbs. without the keys. The accessory is safe to bring through the airport so you won’t have any trouble traveling with it and it’s easy to assemble. This item comes with two sets of screws, gold and black, so you can change them according to your preferences and style. To prevent scratching the body of the accessory with your keys, the keys are elevated with integrated washers.

Key Caddy folded, with multiple keys, above, and the bottom part of the base with one key, below, on a white background.

The Key Caddy is made from aluminum, easy to assemble, and it has washers that prevent the keys scratching the body of the organizer

Check out the video below for assembly instructions:

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